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The boom in remote working has led thousands of employees living in high-cost cities to pack their bags and move to cheaper areas. Many are uprooting their lives completely to become "digital nomads". But the lifestyle can be lonely, and new startups are popping up to help fill the gap.

Dating is one thing -- but when it comes to sex, Silicon Valley is still shrouded in stigma. The sextech industry is worth billions of dollars, but while businesses like Playboy might have enough economic and political influence often cut through the red tape without much hassle, small sextech businesses are left high and dry.

Also, Joan Westenberg explains what today's TikTok creators should learn from yesterday's Vine influencers, and Greg Isenberg -- founder of interests-based communication app Islands, acquired by WeWork, and video discovery platform 5by, acquired by StumbleUpon -- explains the potential behind unbundling large platforms to create small communities.

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'Digital nomad' dating apps are helping remote workers to find love

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