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It's been an incredibly busy news week. Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon faced the historic antitrust hearing we've all been waiting for, ProPublica made police misconduct searchable, Turkish dictator Erdogan declared that social media is 'immoral', and UberEats glitched out and stopped users from tipping drivers...again.

Just in case this isn't dystopian enough for you, Genderify released (and then quickly deleted) an awful app that claimed it could "identify peoples' gender" based on sexist stereotypes, and a bunch of scientists are taking a do-it-yourself COVID-19 vaccine they have created...without testing it.

Meanwhile, we explore the gaps left by the disappearance of popular social media platforms MySpace and Vine: Is there a responsibility for platforms designed to host digital content to ensure its safety and longevity? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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Today's newsletter was written by Aimee Pearcy

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